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Episode 9 · 1 week ago

Episode 9: interview with Melissa Merrick, CEO of Prevent Child Abuse America

On Episode 9 of NGDWTB, we talk to Dr. Melissa Merrick, President and CEO of Prevent Child Abuse America, a nonprofit whose mission is to prevent the abuse and neglect of our nation’s children. We not only learn how she manages to juggle the huge responsibilities of work and home life, we also go deep into the Covid-19 pandemic and how it's affecting women and children from working class families.

Episode 8 · 1 month ago

Episode 8: The Tyranny of Childcare

Washing machines, electric ovens, and the birth control pill. These modern inventions liberated women from repetitive, time-intensive tasks that dominated their daily life in the early 20th century, ultimately paving the way for them to enter the workforce en masse. But without any new domestic-related innovations or technology since the pill came out in 1960, women are spending just as much time today on domestic chores as they were 60 years ago. In episode 8, I talk about the tyranny of childcare and offer a new perspective on how to solve it.

Episode 7 · 2 months ago

Episode 7: Defining Success on your own Terms

Defining career success is simple: what do you want, what is the price you have to pay to get it, and are you willing to pay the price? Simple, yes. Easy, nope! Just the first part, knowing what you want, can be the journey of a lifetime. In episode 7 of NGDWTB, I share stories from my life and career and what they taught me about defining success on my own terms.

Episode 6 · 4 months ago

Episode 6

In episode 6, I share my perspective on discipline and how it's a prerequisite to finding meaning and purpose in your career. To help bring this topic to life, I talk to Will Eagle, seasoned brand and marketing professional, as well as author of "YouTube Marketing for Dummies" and "Read This if You Want to be YouTube Famous." 

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